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The world of Micro-Controllers
Learning and experimenting with the Micro Controllers.

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Welcome lets start exploring and collaborating to make something using a micro controller.

Contacts - Rusty Cain rusty@microrusty.com - Jim Merkle jim@merkles.com

Check out the ATmega328P Target BD Workshop:

  • You can find it in the Media Wiki Page Novembe 2018 workshop,
  • ATmega328P Target BD Datasheet

    KiCad 5.0 Project:

    Workshop for designing a RTC using the PCF85263AT
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    Past Workshops PDF

    ****** 2017 Workshops ******
    January 2017 Workshop LINUX to control GPIO's
    March 2017 Workshop LINUX to control and interact with I2C.
    October 2017 Workshop interact with I2C BMP180 Sensor.
    PDF for Embedded_Workshop_Oct-25-2017.
    ****** 2016 Workshops ******
    Jan 2016 Workshop PDF Weather Station using OLED DHT11
    Feb 2016 Workshop PDF 4X4 KeyPad with Arduino
    March 2016 Workshop PDF Jim Merkles Web Page
    April 2016 Workshop *** No Project - Open Workshop ***
    May 2016 Workshop PDF Workshop TFT 2.8 Touch Shield V2.0
    July 2016 Workshop Servo & DC Motors
    August 2016 Workshop Jim Merkles Web Page
    September 2016 Workshop Design and build your own Shield PCB Part 1
    October 2016 Workshop Design and build your own PCB Part 2
    November 2016 Workshop Presented by Jim Merkle
    December 2016 Workshop No workshop Happy Holidays!!
    ****** 2015 Workshops ******
    Aug 2015 Workshop AVR Programming Part1 AVR
    Aug 2015 Workshop AVR Programming Part2 Target Boards
    Aug 2015 Workshop AVR Programming Part3 ArduinoISP
    Oct 2015 Workshop I2C Part1
    Nov 2015 Workshop I2C Part2

    ****** Lab Area ******
    Workshops & Projects
    Jim Merkle Playground Web page