Embedded Workshop Hosted by MicroRustyC

Embedded Workshop Micro-Controllers

LINUX to control and interact with I2C.

Jim Merkle will be presenting how to use LINUX to control and interact with I2C.
We will be interacting with the DS3231 RTC. (Bring yours if you have one.)
The Raspberry Pi 3 with the latest Raspbian OS will be used during the demonstrations.

What to Bring:

  • Raspberry Pi, any model, or BeagleBone.
  • Monitor, Keyboard & mouse and USB and video cables.
  • Don't forget your power cords and your laptop.
  • DS3231 module, LED(s) with limiting resistors, breadboard and jumper wires.
  • DS3231 will be available for $2.00 each.

    To make things easy please use Raspberry Pi with latest OS Raspbian Jessie w/Pixel to match what will be presented.

    Contacts - Rusty Cain rusnkat@verizon.net - Jim Merkle jim@merkles.com

  • I2C-tools

    *** Getting Started LINUX I2c control and interaction. ***

    *1. i2cdetect
    *2. DS3231 Data Sheet
    *3. i2cdump
    *4. i2cget-i2cset
    *6. i2cWriteRead
    *7. Further Reading

    *** Files for Workshop ***


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    Come join us March 29, 2017 at the Dallas Makers Space.