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How to integrate a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Bosch BMP180 I2C Sensor

*** Getting Started Bosch BMP180 I2C Sensor ***
We will be Exploring using Raspberry Pi3 to interface the BMP180.
We will cover how to connect a Bosch BMP180 using I2C.
We will cover How to scan for I2C devices and retrieve the address for the BMP180.

What to Bring:

  • Raspberry Pi3, laptop Geany installed.
  • Don't forget your power cords and for your laptop and Pi.
  • Breadboard & Wires with limiting resistors, breadboard and jumper wires.
  • BMP180 or BMP085 Barometric Pressure & Altimeter.

    Contacts - Rusty Cain rusnkat@verizon.net - Jim Merkle jim@merkles.com

  • I2C-tools

    *** Getting Started Bosch BMP180 I2C Sensor ***

    *1. Getting Started BMP180 with Arduino Uno
    *2. Getting Started BMP180 with Wemos D1 mini
    *3. Getting Started BMP180 with Raspberry Pi
    *4. BMP180 Datasheet-Adafruit Industries

    *** Files for Workshop ***



    Wemos Pic
    Wemos Pic

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